Gøy med Hund translates to something like " it is fun with Dogs" . The name describes very well how we feel dogtraining and owning a dog should be all about.

We use only methods of positive reinforcement because we see that it really works and has a long term effect -  and at the same time will build a unique relationship with our Dog(s). . You can be their Guardian and protector - and they will trust you with their lives..

How beautiful is that ? :) ❤

We also have a little bit of an holistic approach towards the dogs and their owners.. and we do keep up with the latest research on dogs by studies and ongoing education. What they have discovered the last 5-6 years is mindblowing and because of that we need to educate our selves on a regular bases to be able to keep up and implement this new information and knowledge into our courses and how we handle our Dogs. 

I LOVE it 🙂


Who are we? 

The main trainer is Ann-Kristin Normann, 49 years of age and an incurable doglover. Her heart beats extra for reactive and troubled dogs - and this actually led to Gøy med Hund being created. 

She lives with her fiancee Terje Wulfsberg who is a well renowned Homeopath. His patients are usually humans but he also has some incredible results with helping /curing animals to. Beside from loving Dogs he also have a soft spot for horses - and espec. for his own old emoor pony ho is 25 years old and Holly - the shetlandpony.

Other trainers and helpers will be hired from time to time. 

Were are we? 

Gøy med Hund resides in Samnanger - 45 minutes from Bergen and only 5 minutes from the lovely Gullfjellet -

Gullfjellet ( Gold mountain ) is  a very popular place to take your dog for a hike. Great parking, several different marked trails - some of them are wide gravel paths with sturdy wooden bridges and full lighting , others are more natural and narrow trails with some steep hills  - but all of them are really beautiful. Nice campsites where you can drink your coffee and relax while watching the lake.. Deff. worth trying.   Just be aware that this is a very popular place for dog owners so you often meet others. I suggest since e have a very strickt dog law here you ned to keep the dog on a leash. We also have the rule of no off leash dogs in the calfing and foraging/grazing season that starts at april 1th and lasts to august 21th. Better find a dogpark etc. for off leash play . 

We have our school stationed at our farm who is surrounded by a beautiful and very variated scenery .. a lot of land to enjoy the company of Dogs and wonderful possibilities to do different types of training :)  We also have a lovely  lake at the property where the dogs loves to cool down or take a swim during the summer. Sometimes we train Dogs by letting them swim after the canoe ( not tied up - only by free will and close to the shore)  Swim wests can be borrowed from us - but we only have for X-large - large and large/medium Dogs .. 

What do we offer at Gøy med Hund? 

At Gøy med Hund we have different courses and programs where you and your dog/puppy can attend. They will all be announced on this site. We also have some new amazing ways to deal with reactivity and behavior problems - so just give us a call if you need help. 

Send us a mail: goymedhund@gmail.com and ask to attend our mailinglist to recieve our news first, get great deals and attend competitions and winn prizes.

Puppyclasses in english if requested.

We also have private sessions in obedience, puppy training, behavior problems. etc. in english to. Spring 2019 we start our on Gøy Med Hund Master program - a fun and educating activity where your dog can be a Champion" and win a large rosette amd a diploma .. Keep your eyes on the website updates in the weeks to come. 

How to get in touch with us: 

You can send us a message by using the contact form listed in the menu or by phone monday to friday 15.00-16.00.

Our number is: + 47 90 84 52 29                        

PLease keep to the listed time for phone calls.


What are my credentials and experiense with dogs and dog training? 

I used to work as a doghandler with guard dogs from 1989 - 2003.

Have owned GSD's since 1989.

Have had board and train at the farm from summer 2013 - early spring 2016. We have changed our plans about starting up again. We started the renovation and our plans were to build 3 kennels in the barn. After a period of thinking back and forth i decided that this is not what i want to do on a regular bases. I am much more dedicated to puppy training, fun activities and behavior issues and want to spend my time on that instead - but we might off course take a dog in for board and train on demand. Feel free to contact us at goymedhund@gmail.com or call 90 84 52 29 .

Started "Samnanger dog club" spring 2015 for dogs and owners to be allowed to socialize their dogs + also some training on behavior issues like leash reactivity. etc. Here are our FB group: www.facebook.com/groups/1616294495317822/?fref=ts

My deep interest and search for better methods regarding behavior modification started in 2011 - but really kicked off in february 2013. 

After that i have been a student at BCCS, ABTD, At Absolute Dog training Academy, Ethology at ILLIS academy, I have taken courses with Ian Dunbar, Victoria Stilwell, Sarah Whitehead. etc.... 

There is a list you can watch here : 




GREAT NEWS:  we are nowADTB approved... ❤🙂

More about this on our new website...

We are not very satified with this site since we are not able to post our logo in the header + a lot of other stuff...we have been working on a different site and are now nearly finished to post it, but it may take a week or two because we want to keep our domaine and therefor it must be moved and my experience tells me this can take a little while.. But just use this webadress and you will be fine ;) 


The flooring is changed in the training area and we now have approx 90 - 100 kvm inndoor trainingarea with 2 dog tredmills ( one pet run and one dog run), agility equipment, dumbbells of all sizes and weight, obedience jump, nosework equipment, trick equipment, tracking equipment, lots of toys and a huge selection of cool stuff for your puppy and sozialisation/habituation and to build a confident dog.